August 2019

18 MIN

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen is the somewhat peculiar combination of an international arts festival on the cutting edge with exciting contemporary performing arts from all over the world. This big annual summer festival in a freely accessible park is eleven days long and for about 135.000 visitors from Groningen, the rest of the Netherlands and the rest of the world.


September 2019

10 MIN

Groningen Museum Night

GRID Grafisch Museum, the Groninger Museum, the Dutch Comic Book Museum, The Northern Nautical Museum and the University Museum open their doors on September 7. until after midnight. There is also music, workshops and children's activities during this event. In presale: 5 musea for € 5,-. Unique! 


Open Monument Day

In the weekend of 14 and 15 september 2019, more than 4000 beautiful monuments in The Netherlands are free to visit for everyone. It's the ideal opportunity to come and see places you usually do not get in, or you can participate in a single occurring event. The theme is: 'Places of Fun'. 

Groningen has many gorgeous monuments, such as this church. Perfect for a weekend getaway. 

October 2019

11 MIN

Wine Festival Groningen

The Der Aa-kerk will be the decor of the fourth edition of this large wine festival in Groningen. There will be several wine shops, wineries and wine importers who can tell everything about their wines and love to pour visitors a test glass. The festival is the perfect opportunity to taste different wines.