From City Hotel Groningen, you are ideally situated to explore the city. Convenient, because you have the centre and all the hotspots nearby. At the hotel, you can rent a bicycle and experience Groningen at its best. Ride along the Martini Tower in the direction of Grote Markt. In the meanwhile you are sure to see historic warehouses, courtyards and buildings. We’re pleased to tell you about all the nice spots of our city.

Food & drinks


Harbour Cafe Restaurant

Located on the waterside, next to the marina. You can have dinner or drinks: they have many different craft beers as well. We can really recommend this place, especially with nice weather. Because it's located in a corner of the city centre, you wouldn't just find this hidden gem. That's what we're here for! 



It's all in the name; Cappucino and vino. Coffee, bites and a winebar in a jazzy atmosphere. Their coffee is a masterpiece and the wine delicious. There is also a cocktail menu which includes their signature drink, The Espresso Martini. 

With a beautiful view on the main square and multiple floors, this is the place to be for a relaxing moment in the heart of the city centre. And they also have a rooftop terrace now! 


Het zusje van Andre Dokter

A famous name in Groningen, which is positive! Extraordinary flavours are very important here, for example by using the Green Egg barbecue or to let the meat ripe in a dry aging compartiment. Meatlovers and vegetarians both have plenty of menu options. Strong quality, good service and delicious food describe this restaurant perfectly.


Mr Mofongo

A culinary world trip complete with cocktail and wine robot. Here you can enjoy a surprising menu of street food. A restaurant, a café, a cocktailbar, coffee-roasting facilities and a distillery in one.

Tip: don't forget to go upstairs if you arrive, all floors have suprising elements!

10 MIN

The Uurwerker

De Uurwerker is a relaxed meeting place for students, the self-employed, creative types, in fact everyone. Sinking down gloriously in one of the Chesterfields, here you can enjoy a good lunch or fresh pizza. 


Brewery Martinus

Local brewery Martinus wants to put the city Groningen on the 'beer map' of the Netherlands. During tours including a tasting session, ending at the roof top with view on the Martini Tower, you can really experience the brewing process from up close and enjoy the architecture of the building.

The shop is open daily. The brewery, café and restaurant from Thursday to Sunday.

14 MIN

DOT Groningen

Urban Gastrobar in the former 3D Dome cinema. Certainly when the sun is shining, this is THE place where you have to be. In fact, DOT has the city beach next door. 


Cat Café Op z'n Kop ('Upside Down')

You do have to love cats, but if you do, 10 furry friends will keep you company. The sheltercats have been adopted and found their forever home in the catcafe. They have plenty of toys and hiding places to play all day long. It's a warm and comfy place where you can sit and relax and freshly baked pie or bread and dinner from 5 PM. 



12 MIN

Northern Nautical Museum

Two historic fifteenth-century buildings at the Brugstraat, the Gothic house and the Canter house, together form the wonderful décor of the collection of the Northern Nautical Museum. The history of the shipbuilding industry and shipping from the Middle Ages in the northern part of the Netherlands until today are on display here, and there are various exhibitions with separate themes from nautical history.

10 MIN

Groninger Museum

Your visit to Groningen is not complete without a visit to the Groninger Museum. The property, designed by Alessandro Mendini, is already an attraction in itself! 



The Oosterpoort

The Oosterpoort, the concert hall of Groningen. There are different rooms and every year they have a varied program with dance, theatre and music. Concerts of the very famous, small intimate performances and great events; it's all here. And on a very short walking distance from the hotel!


Outside activities

18 MIN


In 1874 the Vestingswet ('Fortification law') was passed. This law allowed cities to expand outside of the city walls and fortifications. Since the fortifications were no longer in use, they were transformed into a public park. The earth ramparts were incorporated in the park architecture and the moats were turned into ponds. The architecture is of an English garden style, characterized by meandering paths and serpentine ponds, inspired by wild nature. The shape of the park still reflects the former purpose of the area: the long but narrow park curves around the old city. The park includes an Art Nouveau bandstand and a small restaurant.

Until the mid-90s the Noorderplantsoen was split up by a busy road, but a referendum in 1994 decided - with a narrow majority - to close this road for motorized traffic.


De Prinsentuin

De prinsentuin is a beautiful walled renaissance garden and tea shop. It is also the venue for the annual poetry festival. Especially when the weather is fine, really recommended.


Pepergasthuis (courtyard)

Groningen has lots of (hidden) little courtyards you can visit. Once you're inside, it feels as if you stepped into a small village instead of a big city. You visit these little courtyards if you love beautiful old houses and great culture.

The Pepergasthuis was self-sufficient and had it's own brewery and bakery, among other things. Around the first square are the church, the diner and the guardians room. The second square is surrounded by the houses (originally for the poor). 

Until 1702, it also had a 'madhouse', where the mentally ill were provided care. Each sunday, this became a 'madhouse fair' for the residents of Groningen, who could come and see 'the crazy people' for money. Nowadays it's a resident home for Groninger people, but a nice place to walk around in the courtyard.


Employee tips



The Concerthuis (has nothing to do with concerts) is for people who enjoy life and is a real hotspot for young people. Foodsharing is reinvented here; pizza for Breakfast? Pastries for dinner? Great! Home-burned coffee beanes, extraordinary beers, it's all possible. Good wine, special lemonades, homemade ice tea and the sodas are all different than usual. 

Tip: Do you like special beers? Then ask for the 'secret stash'...



Wadapartja means simply: “Wat apart, ja” (“Something unusual, yes.”) That’s what a Groninger would call it if he walks into a place or sees something that he can't actually immediately place – something special. And this spot is rightly like that; delicious lunch and dinner with a Groningen twist.



Martini Tower

Climb it!

The most important Groningen monument is the Martini tower which has overlooked the city for over five hundred years. This fourth highest tower of the Netherlands can be climbed until the third gallery. Afterwards, see the Martini church, the largest church in Groningen. Originating from approximately 1230, it includes frescos from the 13th century, and one of the largest Baroque organs in northwest Europe.


The synagogue

Beautiful and photogenic: The synagogue! A small part of the synagogue is being used as a prayer room, the rest of the building is now for cultural purposes. Especially the interior shows the real atmosphere of the building. The design is partially inspired by the synagogue of Semper in Dresden. 

Movie Theatre


Movie Theatre 'Pathé'

Pathé Groningen is a modern cinema with 9 movie halls and known for their wide range of movies and other content. 


10 MIN

De Kaaskop ('The Cheesehead')

A great delicatessen, but what makes them extra special is the wide range of local cheese,sausages and dairy. They also sell ready-to-go fondue packages (many interesting choices) including wine/beer from their neighbour store, a Bakers Café. Children always love the DIY peanutbuttermachine from fresh peanuts.

10 MIN

Ascoli Desgin Gift Shop

Original gifts in cute shapes and colours. They have many items for your house, bathroom and kitchen. But they also have a range of lifestyle products, for example; gadgets, backpacks, saving jars and keychains. A shop full of 'awesome to get' gifts or you can just buy something for yourself!


FOLK Conceptstore

FOLK Conceptstore is a shop where you can find a beautiful mix of design, interior, clothing, food and paper items. All products are carefully sought out by two Groninger designers who love to share their passion with everyone.

12 MIN

Muts Fashion

Muts Fashion, a fun women's clothing store with plenty of trendy clothes straight from Paris! Completed with brands such as Catwalk Junkie, Khujo, Soya Concept and M.o.d. jeans. A relaxing atmosphere (always nice) and unique clothes. The slogan "No more boring clothes" actually says enough!


Just In Beer

In the Netherlands, craft beers are hip and trendy at the moment! In Groningen there is even a shop that's all about craft beers. They sell special, locally brewed or international beers. But you can  also find homebrew-packages and merchandising such as t-shirts. A shop especially for fans of craft beers.

Boat Tour

11 MIN

Boat tour

The city of Groningen from the waterside...

A tour through the old channels of Groningen aboard the "Wonderlaand" or "Goldenraand" is a very popular excursions. You are given a unique opportunity to admire the many magnificent patrician houses and the towers of the town with their centuries of history.

Tip: Buy tickets at our hotel reception desk with discount!

11 MIN

Open boat tour

When the sun is out, we highly recommend this to discover Groningen and learn about it. They renovated an old boat into this tour boat and have a captain and host on board who will tell you all about the interesting history of our beautofil city. As you can see in the picture, we already tried it and it was a great hour on the canals around the city centre. Good to know; including drinks! 

Our hotel reception desk has tickets for sale and the departure times.