Forum Groningen

Right in the middle of the city you will find the spectacular Forum Groningen building. Forum is enormously diverse, and you will find various exhibitions, movies, events, talk shows, a library, multiple hospitality facilities, and much more! A true place of happiness for the curious ones out there! In addition, Forum even has a rooftop cinema and a rooftop terrace with an incredible view over the city. 

Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum
12 MIN

Northern Nautical Museum

Two historic fifteenth-century buildings at the Brugstraat, the Gothic house and the Canter house, together form the wonderful décor of the collection of the Northern Nautical Museum. The history of the shipbuilding industry and shipping from the Middle Ages in the northern part of the Netherlands until today are on display here, and there are various exhibitions with separate themes from nautical history.

10 MIN

Groninger Museum

Your stay in Groningen isn’t complete without a visit to the Groninger Museum! Besides the impressive and diverse exhibitions, the building itself which is designed by Alessandro Mendini, due to its architecture, is a true sight as well!